April 23, 2012

Weekend View

Had a wonderful weekend with my lovely sister and her family in Dallas. It was wonderful weather for Earth Day, museums, parks, coffee runs, and eating awesome food! Now it is back to reality and the start of another week. Today we are having our photo shoot with our products. So exciting since this is the last big hurtle that we must get over before moving forward.

I am pretty tired and having a hard time moving around so I am skimping out on an actual post and showing you my lovely weekend!

Only in Texas you can get a margaritas with your chili cheese dog and fries.Ha-Ha! It was so good but I couldn't even eat half of it...it was huge.

Best iced coffee I have ever had. And I truly love Starbucks iced coffee too but this one is crazy good!

The Foundry&Chicken Scratch has great music, the best chicken, and really good beer! It also helps that your sister is great friends with the owner. :)

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