May 24, 2012

Cause For Celebration!

This morning the hubs got some fantastic news...he passed his fourth and final exam to become a CPA! Not only am I ecstatic for him becoming a Certified Public Accountant but he passed the fourth exam with a 94! I guess after studying for the first three exams and passing them he was really eager to get the last one over with, for good. Ha! Saying I am proud of him isn't even enough. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be able to be doing Drake Men. Even before he met me, he was always hungry for more out of life. Always pushing himself to the limit. I would like to say that my motivation is just a part of my personality but honestly he has a lot to do with that. Watching him over the years has made me want to be better. For that, I can't thank him enough.

You can only imagine when there is a cause for celebration we all naturally want to go somewhere and do something for the occasion. Well this morning I found the perfect way and the only way I know he truly wants to celebrate...

First off, who wouldn't want to celebrate like that! I remember when he first thought about taking the CPA exam he researched all over the Internet about it. What he found was that the CPA exam is the hardest, most difficult exam(s) to pass. There are four separate exams and you must pass all of them to get certified. Apparently, the CPA exam is harder than the BAR. Now you know why we are SO happy! He studied for countless hours, sleeping for-maybe-4 hours a day, and not eating right gave him so much stress he even got sick because of it. Doesn't that photo look amazing now? He would love to sit somewhere on a beach and not do one thing and I would have to agree.

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