May 25, 2012

West U House...

This morning I went a little out of my price range when looking for homes for us...over by about $400,000. Ha! I wasn't really finding anything that we would like or if I did it wasn't in a great location. Lately, I have really liked the idea of the hubs and I purchasing a home well under our budget and renovating it the way we would want it. Sounds like a fantastic idea right?! Doing something like this would probably cost us a good chunk of money but in the area we live or the ones we would like to live in this would result in some huge profit for us. That I like.

The hubs and I have been proven to be very handy anyway. Something we found out about a year ago when we started gutting our closet. We work really well together as a team too...I do more of the design layout and he figures out how to make it happen but we do all the cutting, staining, and/or painting, and drilling together. Perfect team!

This morning I came across this house in the West U(niveristy) area of Houston. It is the next best area to live in if you want a mix of suburbia and city life. There are plenty of small boutiques, bars, restaurants’, and cafes to choose from and in the middle of the cutest homes! Many of them are small bungalow's or craftsman style homes that have been redone to look more modern. This house is SO adorable on the outside but you walk through the door into a clean, sophisticated, museum vibe. Plus, the backyard is a nice size for Houston homes in this area and it comes with the most beautiful pool and hot tub! Like I said...I went over our budget but for this house I would find some way to come up with $675K.

Such cute exterior!

Love the fireplace!

The open floor plan is what got me hooked.

Simple but modern dining room

This would be such an upgrade to the kitchen we have now!

I have always wanted a family room connected to the kitchen

Master bedroom is a little small but having two walk-in closets and the bathroom
made me more comfortable!

Beautiful bathroom!

An actually laundry room for the hubs and I...really me would be nice :)

Having a little nook for an office would be heaven!

And this is where we would spend most of our time...especially in the summer!

For the location, having 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, a walk-in laundry room, plus an office area, two living spaces, and a backyard like this is actually a steal at this price. I am going to have to save every dollar for a couple years to afford this place. But dreaming is always free!

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