June 6, 2012

Vacation Rental Properties...

As you all may remember my husbands whole family lives in El Salvador and we try to go on vacation there once a year for a little more than a week. Well, this year we are thinking of going in the late fall. Over the years we have learned that October-November is the perfect time to go because the heat isn't so bad. All year around it usually stays a consistent 85 degrees but in between April-September it gets more into the 90's! The fall is perfect because around 5 p.m. is when it starts getting cool...high 60's and it feels amazing.

This year I have been really wanting to go more for Thanksgiving. My husband can't remember the last holiday he got to spend with his family and seeing as how he has finally landed a job that doesn't require him to either work holidays or be stuck at work for 10 hours plus weekends it just feels like the right time! Once I have an idea of when we are going to go on a vacation and what we are doing comes the fun stuff besides the shopping...research! I look up everything to ticket prices, hotels, weather, the latest 'hot spots', etc.

While I was riding the bike this morning, trying to forget the soreness in all of my muscles, I started thinking about houses. I have posted before about buying a house in El Salvador so that way his whole family could be under the same roof while we are there. For now, that dream has been pushed back simply because we are getting ready to buy a house in Houston. I kept thinking about how I didn't want to stay in a hotel just to sleep. Then I thought of something that I have heard people doing but I have never looked into it. Vacation homes for rent! It's the perfect idea for us and the family! El Salvador has great beaches and because the weather is so hot and humid all year around it makes it beach season every day.

Once I was able to sit in front of my computer that was the first thing I started looking up. I found some interesting places and some that looked...can I say sketchy?! Then I came upon this website that gave a lot of information, great photos, and great rates which made me feel more comfortable. Searching, searching, searching and then boom I found the house. It's sleek, modern, beach front, plus a pool, it can sleep 14 which is the exact number, and it has a huge gorgeous garden! At $2500 a week split a few ways would be cheaper than a hotel that the hubs and I would be stuck paying. So enough already let me show you the photos...

If you have never been to El Salvador this is a great house. Most are so much smaller, not as nice, small kitchen, no AC, and usually one bathroom for about 4 bedrooms. This one though has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and I feel that it is just screaming 'pick me'!  I can just see us now sitting on the deck with a huge table filled with great food, drinks, music, and family. It will definitely be perfect and a holiday that we will all remember. I can't wait now I guess I better start keeping our eye on good airline prices. Flying around a holiday time is never all that fun with the prices or the amount of travelers but if I had a rental property like that calling my name I could suck it up.

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