July 2, 2012

4th of July {Drake Men}...

Are you doing something fun for the fourth? My guy and I usually go out to a nice dinner and watch fireworks in a new location. We have done that for the past few years and we really enjoy it. This year I am thinking we will go to dinner at Flora & Muse in City Center and then hang around there. They have put up a bunch of advertisments saying that they are going to have live music and a fabulous display of fireworks.

We love getting dressed up so why not put up this ad from Drake Men. These accessories will surely complete any fourth of July plans that you and your guy may have! We also are offering free shipping so get it while you can!

If your guy needs some new additions to his wardrobe than this red and white, hand-made, Italian wool tie can be paired with any style button down shirt...no jacket needed. If he is already planning on going all out and possibly wearing a blazer with some chino shorts then our double-sided classic dot pocket square can add subtle flair to complete your look. If perhaps your guy will be taking you out to a fancy dinner then adding these classic brushed stainless steel cufflinks will do the trick. If you love this completed look than hope on over to Drake Men and purchase all three at a discounted price than purchasing each individually!

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