July 23, 2012

Coffee Break...

It is an iced coffee break time! While I am awaiting the arrival of my adorable niece I would like to share with you a two products that I am lingering over today.

"You women, always in need of a new purse"! That is what my guy says while simultaneously shaking his head. You see they make it difficult to not want them when they make them like this and so affordable. This one would be a great addition to my collection. I don't have one like it at all...so you see why this makes sense to get it right?! :)

This little coin purse is SO adorable. I love this. I absolutely hate caring change in my wallet. It ends up making it big, bulky, and most of the time won't close properly. The color is cute as well. Bright pops of color would make it easy to find!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day. I am for sure! I was so shocked and ecstatic to find a mention of Drake Men on another fellow bloggers site. It makes me so happy when us bloggers can come together to support one another. If you missed it today, or if you live under a rock and have never heard of Chassity's blog then come on over to Look Linger Love and check it out!

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