July 24, 2012

Mens Fashion...

I have been so busy with Drake Men these last few days that I am consumed with longing over men's fashion. Yes, I know I am a women and yes, I do have my own line of men's accessories and no, I have no idea if there are other women out there like me.  I love mens fashion. The textures, great suits, a million different style ties, pens, pockets, pocket squares, patterns galore. I mean how can you not love it. Because when you find those guys that can wear everything just right...I mean omg! Very rarely do you find men in Houston being as fashionable as these photos above. Every once in a while I will get lucky and catch someone. 

I fully believe that men don't take enough advantage of how great they can look! I know my guy has had some trouble in the past but thanks to me, GQ mags and Details we have slowly transformed his wardrobe. Just like anything else you have to try everything on...even when your guy doesn't agree with it. 

Drake Men was a result of this. I couldn't find ties that we liked. I have been so over silk ties and wanted something that would add definition, texture, and a bit of vintage feel. I thought if I couldn't find what I was looking for then I guys I will have to design it and make it!

My blogger friend, Jessica, over at TSSE I think can agree with all of this. She has written a fabulous post on menswear. If you haven't gotten a chance to discover her blog then pop on over...you won't be disappointed! 

Sorry for the short, short post but I am running on coffee this morning trying to do things for Drake Men advertising! I will be back later!

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