July 25, 2012

Tumblr Fever...

Pinterest has been all the latest rage these days. With people creating such fun boards and endless things to search for you end up going for one thing and staying for a few hours! I know from experience. As much as I love Pinterest I still favor Tumblr more. Lately, I found myself staying longer on Tumblr than anywhere else. I usually start with some of my favorite pages which leads me to a photo I really love which then leads to a new page that I had never seen before. From there it opens up a whole new world-so to speak.

Lately, looking at all types of photos is my new thing. Seeing if I can find some new meaning that others can't. Maybe something will catch my eye and that will spark off an idea. I guess you can say it is my was of getting some inspiration.

For instance like this gorgeous photo of a kitchen that I found. This being my first time seeing a kitchen with a brick floor and wood beams. I couldn't get enough of this which lead me down a whole new slew of pages. It was a lot of fun that I have had this morning. Sipping my coffee, news quietly playing in the background, and thinking a lot about a book that I am reading-share more later!

While most of my day will be spent traveling to Galveston for a day trip to see the progress on my parents house, I will still be in deep thought. From this book that I am reading to advertising Drake Men. If you have a chance today pop on over to my Tumblr page...maybe you will get lost amongst the photos like I did!

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