July 20, 2012

The End of The Week!

Like I always say...Friday is finally here! This week has gone by so fast that it has been hard for me to keep by days straight. With things that are going on with Drake Men I have been busy non-stop. Which is really nice because it makes the days and week go by so quickly.

I have a lot planned for this weekend; a baby shower, pool party, and dinner with our closest friends. I would like to fit a flea market or an estate sale in there sometime too but we shall see. On this Friday, like always I share some photos that I think are beautiful and put them into what I would like to call my 'wishing' file. :)

Wishing this was my office for today...

Have never been much of a picnic person but perhaps if we were dressed like this it would be fun.

I'm really, really loving this space. Wishing that my living room resembled this!

Love this kitchen!

If I know my sister-in-law this isn't a wish but more of a "I can't wait!" because this is what my dinner will consist of for the pool party! :)

Umm I would really like to meet this guy and look in his closet...such a great outfit. 

Photos: {here}

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