August 15, 2012

Do It...

Thinking a lot about this today...

I have mentioned before that there are several things that I would love to accomplish in my life. My young-25 years- on this earth has taught me a lot. Most of it has come from the last five years. My guy plays an enormous roll in that. I never dreamed about being an entrepreneur until I met him, even then it took another 5 years for me to really grasp the idea. His home country has a huge part in my life as well. Not only is his whole family there but being there gives me great appreciation for my life but immense sadness for the lives they probably will never have. 

Sort of sappy I know but I have been playing around with a couple of ideas in my head the last few days. I pride myself, and this blog, on designing my own life. Not following what others are doing but setting myself apart. I have a few things in my life I am not being true to that. 

This may seem vague and that's okay. I am not fully ready to share all the details about my thoughts but I can say that some of it has to be with this blog. When I have settled a little bit more of what I am thinking and what I am going to do about it you lovely readers will be the first to know!

*Layout Changes*
I am sure that you have noticed that there have been a few layout changes over the last few weeks. I was trying to get a couple of ideas of which way you guys prefer best. I got a lot of response to the way it is right now-just changed it! I have received emails about the fact that it is easier to see older posts and a few have said it feels more like an online magazine. You guys like it and I have changed it! 

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