August 17, 2012

Summer Go Away!

Hey there, it's Friday! That's right its the day that most people tend to do less work-it's just a fact. I know when I worked a 8-5 job Friday's were my favorite! Stop by Starbucks first and then coast through the day. Unfortunately and fortunately for me Friday's can be great or bad. This day in the past is sometimes filled with about an hour of work and then onto chores and shopping but today it will be filled with mostly work.

On another note I am wishing that Summer would go away and Fall would make its appearance. I am-so-over the 100 degree days! The colder months are always my favorite. Matching layers of clothes that sometimes don't always go but somehow it looks chic because its 40 degrees outside. Waking up and having to bundle up while watching the morning news and sipping my cinnamon coffee. That is what I look forward too. Here in Houston that may just take a little while longer. November is when it usually gets cold enough to start bundling up.

Until then I am loving this Lookbook from Zara. Every outfit would be perfect for Houston's Fall weather!

Favorite part--black ensembles. I basically live in black in the colder months!

Hope all of you have a wonderful day. I will return later for another post...Friday may be people favorite but it used to go by so slowly for me!

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