August 18, 2012

Weekend Plans...

Tax free weekend is here-well been here. I equally love this weekend as much as I hate it. We live in the prime shopping area and with that comes traffic, manners fly out the window, and people that don't know the 'unwritten rules' about getting around the Galleria area. On the bright side, I can look at my husband and say "Macy's sweet hookups" (clearance racks) and his eyes light up! So there is an upside to this. 

I do plan on finishing a book that I have been reading the last month. It is another inspirational book written by an entrepreneur. He talks about his struggles with getting loans, employees, and the obstacles he faced when wanting to grow his business. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I tell my guy all the time that he should read it next and I believe he is! 

An exciting time for Drake Men, and us! We are starting an ad campaign with an Houston based magazine, 002magazine. It will be running for 60 days on there home page so positive thoughts for us please!

Ran across this photo and I couldn't have agreed more. I think we all just want to live a life worth writing down. Who would want to live a life where nothing interesting happens? Maybe there are a few people out there but I haven't encountered them. The only way that I see I am going to live that kind of life is to make things happen. No one else is going to do it for me. 

Have a wonderful weekend! I am still deciding between paint colors so I guess cleaning the house is calling my name. After that I think Marshalls, Nordstroms Rack, DSW, and the Galleria will be shouting 'Shannon' too!

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