September 10, 2012

Weeks Quote...

As I am sitting here working on Drake Men I cannot but help but to smile while reading this. Yes, it is Sunday at 12:10 am when I am writing this post and working at the same time. I have had to learn how to be a good multi-tasker. While we are improving a few of our product photos I kept seeing the clock ticking away closer to midnight. Realizing that I will be up for another hour or so I couldn't make any promises to myself that I would actually get up at a decent time to come on over here for a Monday post!

My guy and I had a very real and honest conversation on Saturday and ever since then we have been more determined and focused about how life. *I will discuss more later on in the week. After about a month of talking about doing some new photos we finally got down to business today. My guy makes me realize that we create our own path and just because it is Sunday doesn't mean that we can't get a few things done. He is completely right for two reasons. One it really gets one thing off our to do list. And second, it really jump starts our week. 

On another note this will be a very long work week for the both of us. Saturday morning we leave bright and early for our road trip to Florida! This is a much needed, over do, vacation for both of us. We are looking forward to talking, probably the whole way, and lounging on the beach in Panama City and Miami. Only 5 more days...

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