September 27, 2012

It's Okay To Say No...

This week I received an email asking if Drake Men wanted to be apart of a Fall market. Immediately I was filled with excitement. I thought it would be such a great opportunity for us to get our name out there and possibly make a few sales. 

As I replied to the email with a few important questions-where would it be held, how many vendors total, are there any additional men retailers that will be there, etc. Awaiting the email I was thinking about the layout of our products and what our booth would look like. I began researching things we would need. The cost was starting to add up but I kept thinking 'sales, exposure, and more sales'. 

Finally I got a reply and needless to say I was slightly disappointed. The market is geared towards kids and family. A carnival if you will, with food and shopping. I sat back for a minute and thought to myself if this would really be worth it. The only money we would be out is the supplies for the booth. I did a rough estimate and let it sink in. Really trying to come to a decision about what would be best for Drake Men.

On one hand I thought-exposure. That never hurts anyone. On the other hand all I could see was other kid friendly/family geared vendors and then us. There are a few that are for the moms out there as well but I had this gut feeling that we would be out of place. In a sea of food, mothers and children, rides, pumpkin patch, and then us. 

Part of me was fighting the gut feeling that I was getting to not do it. I was honored to be sought out for this and I kept reminding myself of the initial exciting thoughts that ran through my head. Even as I write this the 30% of me that remembers the feeling is trying to convince me and justify why this would be a good idea. Funny how that works. 

As a-very-new business owner I have never had to decide something like this. It has always been me that was out there trying to get people to recognize us. Now the tables have turned and I have an opportunity here. Disappointment crawled through me when I came to the decision not to do it. In a way I felt like a failure because here I am with a chance to get exposure but I am turning it down. Or do I look at it as-this is a great sign for Drake Men. This is not the be all, end all, it's the beginning of something great. 

 Yes, I will take the second one! *smiling*. The minute I felt that way I felt like "okay what is next that I need to do". I kid you not within two hours I received an email saying that they still would like us to be apart of the Fall market so they have offered a discounted rate to be published in their print magazine under the Holiday Shopping. Funny how things work out. 

It will cost us more money than being a vendor but it will run through December instead of one day. Can't really beat that! I will have to be honest here and say that I never thought in a million years I would say "No" to something like the Fall market. I always thought I would say "Yes" to everything that came my way. I mean why not? 

When I was, literally, sitting back in my chair contemplating what to do I had a moment that I am assuming most parents get when they have children. Strange comparison but just roll with it for a minute-over the past few months I have had the opportunity to watch one of my sisters be a first time mother. Like most she would make statements how she wouldn't do this or that when she has kids. When the moment comes, now, she has a change of heart and understands why moms do certain things. 

Same thing for me. I knew established businesses don't always agree to everything that is put in front of them. Being a new business I just assumed that's what I would do. I really had to think of my business as my baby. True story. One question kept running through my mind "Is this what's best for DM?" (what I refer to Drake Men as in my head). The answer was clear that it wasn't. And I am okay with that.

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