September 8, 2012

Youtube-ing on Saturday Morning...

Like most people I can get hooked on Youtube for hours on end. What better way to kick off a weekend than some video surfing. I finally got a chance to read my Wish I Knew Wednesday from Jess Lively this morning. She has a wonderful weekly newsletter. Each week she talks about something different, usually pertaining to business. Being a small business owner, a women, and the type of person that loves a good inspiring story, I absolutely love receiving the email each Wednesday.

This past week she spoke about a guy that I have heard before but never took the time to research him. Well, I did this morning and watched one of his speaking engagements. With a little bit of humor and honesty he was very compelling and inspiring. I am hooked on Gary Vaynerchuk. If you have the hour and 20 minutes it takes to watch this engagement I highly recommend it!

I didn't have plans for this Saturday but now I am thinking it will be well spent working on Drake Men and this blog! While I am doing that I am hooked on my 'new song'. This is what I do when I find a song that I can't get enough of and I put it on repeat for a good few hours. *Right now my guy is sitting behind me at our desk, while I'm on the couch listening to the song for about the 6 time, and he has his headphones on. Ha! 

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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