September 28, 2012

Who Says Disney World Is For Kids?!

It took me a good month to convince my guy that Disney World is not just for kids. Let's be honest it's really more for the adults. Most kids don't remember everything they do there! The last time I went was when I was six and as we walked into each park I was instantly taken back to the 'fany-pack' days. 

Yes, the parentals had fany-packs with medicine, sunscreen, Chapstick, tissues, and anything else they could fit in there. Those were the days right! Now the women carry huge purses-my guy turns to me with his wallet and phone-ugh. Like I need any additional weight added on to me. Maybe if I had a fany-pack there would be a reason why I couldn't hold his stuff. *Dually noted for next time!

Like I have been saying, our vacation was so amazing. I thought I would share a few photos of our favorite photos! Apparently in Miami we only took photos on our phones. No clue why either.

-Do you see it? Yeah that's right the hotel tower ride happened. I kept trying to find an excuse to not do it but my guy wouldn't hear any of it. I actually liked it...a lot.

-Nothing like a live performance of Star Wars!

-Everyone should see the Indiana Jones show at Hollywood Studios! My guy loved it.

-1950's diner is an absolute must! We have always gone to eat lunch here when I was younger and it still looks the exact same.

-Ahhh! Where the magic happens. There is nothing like it. My guy could not believe how amazing Magic Kingdom park was. *You can barely see but I caved and gave into my running shoes. During the day at the other parks I was wearing cute Coach shoes but man my feet hurt. Now I know why EVERY person wears running shoes. You could walk all day. 

-Nothing like Main St. at night. 

-The ONLY photo from New Orleans. Trust me I was mistaken on how much fun this place is. I thought that it was going to be my least favorite stop during our trip. It is definitely up there with Miami! *Nothing beats Disney World. Sorry. :)

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